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Remodelling fishermen's home in IJmuiden

Cornelis Vrolijk catches, farms and processes fish and shrimp. Founded in 1880, the family-owned company has been based since the 1950s in the port of IJmuiden, where its quayside cold stores are fronted by an office volume.

Opening first two stores Trekpleister

Last Wednesday, we celebrated a milestone as Trekpleister unveiled their newly renewed concept in their store in Putten designed by Claessens Erdmann.

REWE Ready Rostock ist da!

The 10th installment of REWE's Smart Store concept and the second REWE Ready Smart Automat, has opened its doors at the IONITY fast charging park in Rostock, Germany. With the innovative smart store solutions REWE/Lekkerland further extends the unmanned convenience of immediate consumption to locations like charging parks.

Touching the Past, Illuminating the Present

Hidden in the picturesque hills of Treviso, Veneto, the Museo Canoviano, and its 1957 extension by Carlo Scarpa, hold a special place in the heart of Anna. Only those who are truly architecture enthusiasts and Carlo Scarpa lover would venture to drive uphill to this small village. However, the journey is unquestionably rewarded, particularly when followed by a glass of Prosecco!

MR MARVIS Maastricht is here to stay

The Dutch brand MR. MARVIS, yesterday opened its fourth store in The Netherlands, located on the lively and bustling Kleine Staat 20 shopping street in Maastricht.

A nice Seljavallalaug swim

Visiting Iceland can become a touristic experience but our collegue and architectural engineer Wouter, would recommend going beyond the ‘Golden Circle’, roam the entire island/country at your own pace, because "the beauty of Iceland lies within its natural magnitude and its tranqulity" he states.

Contributing to Stadsarchief Rotterdam

We are delighted to announce that today, january 15th we donate to the Stadsarchief Rotterdam.

City dynamics: Breda's bright brand store

The vibrant city of Breda, has felt the absence of a VVV since 2020. The longing for a physical place of information and welcoming is undeniable.


Thank you Floortje, for 28 years of inspiration!

Greening the office: our sustainable design journey in Utrecht

We are happy to share a peek into our ongoing interior design project for the Duurzaam Energie kantoor in Utrecht. First, what makes this project special is Reuse, now and in the future. We're integrating reuse as a core element of our design strategy.

Louwman & Parqui choose Claessens Erdmann!

With pleasure, we announce the partnership with Louwman & Parqui.

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