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Boskalis is a global dredging and marine contractor headquartered in Papendrecht, southeast of Rotterdam. Owing to the complexity and scale of its many infrastructural projects, the company wanted to create an ‘experience center’ on the ground floor of one of the office buildings on its Papendrecht campus.
our approach
The Living Room
Consisting of a larger and smaller space on either side of the entrance area and auditorium, this new facility acts as a meeting point mostly for employees but also for clients and other visitors. Because of its function as a central meeting place, CE describes its design as the company’s Living Room.
This user-friendly, future-proof, multifunctional space can accommodate activities such as workshops, brainstorm sessions, project start-ups, trainee days, presentations and so on. Expressing the values of Boskalis as a market leader and innovator, this welcoming space invites social contact, interaction and collaboration
One Space, Many Zones
The ‘living room’ is divided into a number of zones, each with a character of its own. The coffee bar and various semi-open seating and table arrangements encourage informal exchanges and discussions. At one end, a space fitted with high-tech equipment can be closed off for presentations. At the other end a low-tech flexible meeting space is located with a seating stand, which is ideal for workshops and brainstorm sessions.
Creating New Horizons
Boskalis’ mission is to create new horizons for all its stakeholders around the world. That is why CE took the horizon as the leitmotiv in the design. The line where the sky meets the sea and land is reflected in the colour scheme, with shades of the deep sea and sand on the floors and walls up to eye level, and lighter tones of the sky above.
Sea, Shipping, Water, Coast
CE expresses the maritime theme in the high-tech meeting room, shaped like the hull of a large vessel. Carpets are woven from old fishing nets. The timber flooring suggests a ship’s deck. Custom-made tables feature a base made of shells. The rails for curtains and lighting above the seating ‘islands’ resemble a water ripple effect. The largest of the circular islands evokes the feeling of sitting around a campfire on the beach.
CE also designed the large organic-shaped tree boxes in the entrance hall and the interior of the brasserie on the other side of the hall. The concept of meeting horizons and maritime references continues here. Suitable for drinks, receptions and dinners, the cozy brasserie can accommodate 50-60 guests. The mood here is contemporary, with luxury details.


Hans Preeker
managing partner | consultant
Judith Everaarts
interior architect
Rita Martins

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Designed by exploring new horizons and beyond. That is what the interior of Boskalis Headquarters radiates on all sides. Vsit our 22 June '23 event in Papendrecht.

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