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Ter Laak Orchids

Orchid Wealth in the Westland

A new 4000m2 inspiration center that embodies the identity of Ter Laak

The growth process of the orchid is visible in the Orchid Store, overlooking the plantation. The consumer buys here straight from the farm

A fresh look & feel with a focus on connection

Inspiration, innovation and know-how center for the international trade sector

Ter Laak Orchids, 'International Grower of the Year 2018', grows eight million orchids a year In Wateringen, the Netherlands. A total of 200 varieties of orchids, all from the Phalaenopsis family, are grown in the new 50,000m2 Daylight greenhouse.

It is important for Ter Laak to communicate with both the specialist retailer and the consumer. Exchanging ideas and needs is vital in order for the company to continue to grow. This led to the need for an inspirational environment where the Ter Laak customer (as well as the customer's customer) can be inspired and informed with new developments and the latest trends in the domain of orchids.
An adequate concept for an Experience center including an Orchid store was a priority, but the design for an expansion of the offices and a new corporate restaurant was also part of our assignment.
our approach
In the middle of the old and new
Ter Laak has recently completed the expansion of 4 hectares of new greenhouses. The 7687m2 Experience is situated in the middle of the old and new greenhouses as though it were a bridge. Approximately one quarter of the center houses the orchid store where customers can buy directly from the in-house nursery.

Inspiration for the exterior sustainable design of the experience center comes from the specific typology of the greenhouse. The structure consists of 6000 Rustic wooden trusses and black powder-coated beams. The glazed fa├žade and roof have been retained.
Inspiration for the exterior sustainable design of the experience center comes from the specific typology of the greenhouse

Journey through Ter Laak's Orchid World
The space inside is divided into zones that facilitate a journey through Ter Laak's Orchid World. When managing a nursery in Guatemala, exactly what is it all about? The most innovative product solutions are highlighted and accommodated here and at all times the visitor never leaves the nursery out of sight.

Spaces have been given their own identity
A reception area, meeting rooms with both open and closed work areas. From their specific use, the spaces have been given their own identity, which is expressed in color and material. The cohesion between them is monitored and reinforced through the alternating use of soft and texture-rich materials and colors.


Floortje Broek
designer | finishes specialist
Luis Monteiro
architect | image maker
Stefan van der Weele
interior architect
Rita Martins

visit this place?

A mindfully designed entrance building in which the translucent exterior, forms coherence and unity with the interior. Want to know how? Call us. We will gladly show and guide you through the world of Ter Laak.

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