Las Vegas with a Dutch twist

Holland Casino Utrecht

A new casino with three restaurants and no less than 700 slot machines and a spectacular entrance area...

An exciting and visual fusion of different zones for different target groups

A building that is an experience 'in itself'.

Las Vegas with a Dutch twist

Holland Casino Utrecht moved from the city centre to a new (car) accessible location at Winthontlaan in Utrecht, at a central junction along the A12. The spectacular building, designed by OZ Architects, is a striking appearance.

For the interior, Claessens Erdmann worked together with designer Derek Sola of the US based studio Gensler, known for designing many casinos in Las Vegas. Sola laid the basis for the interior, after which Cleaessens Erdmann translated the design with its American signature to the Dutch market.

The new casino is much larger in scale (size and games on offer) than the previous location. With three restaurants and no less than 700 slot machines. Divided over two gaming floors that are connected by a spectacular entrance area, which is a true experience. A big open space beneath the 20 meters highest point of the building. The escalator runs checkered through the space, with a light work of art hanging from the ceiling. It’s the eye-catcher of the building.
our approach
Different target groups
Holland Casino has various zones, with many different types of games. Each game has a different target group. Gensler's concept appealed to these different target groups. We empathized with Gensler's design and translated it into details and materials that are available in the Netherlands and match the high quality, appearance and experience. With a perfect balance in the composition of materials, which gives different zones their own identity, and also creates a harmonious environment.
A spectacular experience through the sublime application of materials
A spectacular experience through the sublime application of materials
Technical elaboration
The assignment placed a heavy emphasis on the technical elaboration of the design. We tested the design and adapted it to local legislation, such as the Buildings Decree and in the area of fire safety.
Atmosphere and lighting accents are created by autonomous light objects.


Bart van Ham
architect | project manager
Floortje Broek
designer | finishes specialist
Wouter Hoevers
engineer | project manager

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