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REWE Supermarkets

Efficient supermarket has been given a warm heart

higher customer satisfaction

higher turnover due to an increase in supermarket purchases

growth in fresh, regional and sustainable products

REWE has a successful and efficient store formula. However, the stores are perceived as functional and cold by its customers. REWE wanted to add emotion to its brand in order to enhance the connection with its customers and strengthen the overall customer experience. But it also wanted to remain true to the principle of easy shopping. In addition, REWE wanted to improve the fresh experience and give regional and sustainable products a more prominent place in the store.

REWE Group is a listed company and of Europe's largest retail and tourism groups. REWE Group operates 15,000 stores, including REWE and BILLA supermarkets, the discounter Penny and health and beauty retail chain BIPA. With more than 3,300 stores, REWE is the second largest supermarket chain in Germany.
our approach
A heart filled with fresh produce
The REWE supermarkets clearly needed a heart. We gave it a heart in the form of a ‘fresh square’, a section in the centre of the store filled with fresh produce. Here, all the fresh food sections (fruit, vegetables, meat, fish and cheese) come together. No matter where you are in the store, there is always a path leading to this fresh market.
The subdued design lets the products and people take centre stage
The subdued design lets the products and people take centre stage
A clear and easy shopping experience
The bakery is the gateway to the fresh square, which is an inviting seating area where you can sample freshly baked items. A grid of 'streets' around the market provide a clear and easy shopping experience. The product groups dairy and soft drinks guide the customer through the store.
'Truly pure and fresh’
The design of the store is subdued, based on the principle 'less is more', This leaves room to put the spotlight on the products and the people of REWE. By applying real and pure materials, the emotional look of the store is enhanced while communicating that everything is 'truly pure and fresh’.
A richer use of materials to attract attention
Specific product categories have been emphasised, such as regional products, oil and vinegar, champagne and REWE's sustainable range. For this purpose, we used stronger in-store communication and a richer use of materials to attract attention in a natural way. The result? A clear increase in turnover in these product groups.


Hans Preeker
managing partner | consultant
Sander Bos
managing partner | consultant
Judith Everaarts
interior architect

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Would you like to see a supermarket with a square with fresh products as its beating heart? Hans will be happy to accompany you. Bielefeld is just on the other side of the German border.

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