Passion for running

Brooks Running

Establishing the link between the company’s core business and the major feature of it’s iconic place.

an office that fits seamlessly with the identity of the client and the location

the passion for running is incorporated within Brooks Amsterdam headquarters

a new disclosure towards the light and views of the Olympic stadium

the design is formulated, to make work almost as much fun as the running

Brooks Running EMEA Headquarters call ‘home’ to one of the most iconic buildings of The Netherlands’ sport history: the Olympic Stadium. An architecture jewel which hosted the 1928 Summer Olympics in Amsterdam, described as one of the finest examples of the local architectural style ‘Amsterdamse School’ and listed as a national monument.

The assignment was not only to renovate, but also to expand the existing office, adding the vacant office space next door to its premises. The goal was to optimise the spaces’ functionality and the employees’ well-being, while lending a dynamic joyous look to the whole, inspired by the company’s ethos and brand identity, full of funny doodles, witty quotes and bright colours.
our approach
Iconic place
‘The Running Tracks’ is the design’s leading concept, establishing a direct link between the company’s core business (running shoes) and a major feature of it’s iconic place of address, the geometry and features of the running track, which gives shape to the whole building.
With this in mind, our project reconfigured the office’s layout, offsetting imaginary ‘spatial tracks’ inside the building, parallel to the ones in the running track outside. Different uses are subsequently assigned to different ‘spatial tracks’, according to their functionality and openness character.
The monumental running tracks of this special location merge fluently with the core identity of Brooks Running in this office space.
The monumental running tracks of this special location merge fluently with the core identity of Brooks Running in this office space.
Opening to the grandeur of the stadium
Another fundamental key goal of our design was to open the interior as much as possible to the grandeur of the stadium, contrary to what happened in the previous situation. This was successfully achieved by placing all open-space uses on the inner ‘ring’ of the floor plan, alongside the floor-to-ceiling glazed inner façade. This design principle allows all employees in open workstations, as well as everyone walking around, to benefit from abundant daylight and be fully immersed in the vibrant green field, the bright red tracks, and the dynamic events inside the stadium.


Sander Bos
managing partner | consultant
Luis Monteiro
architect | image maker
Rita Martins

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