A state of the art experience

AFAS Software HQ

Here, human scale and intimacy go hand in hand with an innovating approach to work.

Cultural and Brand Values translated into office concept with a unique approach

A state of the art office concept

Human scale and intimacy are the key elements in the interior

Soft, tactile materials, a warm color palette and fluent lines.

AFAS is a family-owned company and an important supplier of innovative software solutions for the corporate market. AFAS has a very distinct corporate culture relying on professionals, go-getters and describes itself as 'a bit nutty'. Strong core values are family and trust. These culture and corporate values can be felt in the new head office, an innovative and sustainable environment that meets the demands and stakes of modern society.
our approach
Much more than an ordinary office
An AFAS world where meeting, working, relaxing and connecting are key. In this world, customers, employees and visitors are being inspired and new connections and innovations are created.
This concept has been translated into a state of the art office concept, which is so much more than an ordinary office. The new office was developed on the basis of a new approach to work. Just 20% of the total area is designated for the total of 525 workplaces. The remaining 80% is designed for meeting, relaxation and inspiration, including sports facilities and a large theater.
The craftsmanship of AFAS is translated into details of the interior design
The craftsmanship of AFAS is translated into details of the interior design
"Tree of Life"
You immediately experience that this AFAS world is different from your everyday office when you arrive in the welcoming area. No reception desk, but a personal welcome by a host who provides you with a drink in the café and refers you to other colleagues.
It is essential for AFAS that employees, customers and partners can meet each other, that unforeseen encounters can arise. To be together and to do together. For instance, there is the central open space, the atrium, used for events and exhibitions. As well as the restaurant where visitors and employees eat together. With a centrally located stage for holding a private show or to highlight a special guest or employee. The family business of AFAS is reflected in the eyecatching tree behind the bar: the "Tree of Life". An enormous metal branch structure is positioned here. The perforation lets the daylight shine through during the day and at dimmer moments the dynamic lighting in the branches is visible.
To be together and to do together.
To be together and to do together.
Tranquility and cleanliness
Various zones have been set up for the workplace, with open workstations where you can work both sitting and standing. As well as zones for meetings with co-workers: both open in the middle zone on the work floor and closed around the circular stairwells. A lot of care has been taken to ensure tranquility and cleanliness. Each work floor has its own living room, a pantry where people can eat and drink and play table games. In functionality identical, but in color tone and slatted pattern on the cabinetry a subtle difference. The education rooms where AFAS users are trained are located in a separate wing. Just like the demo rooms, where sales meetings take place. In the top of the office tower there are two exclusive boardrooms, each unique by its colors and materials.
Plenty of recreation
There is plenty of recreation for everyone. There is a large gymnasium, fitness room and space for outdoor sports. And several spaces for prayer and meditation. The building is surrounded by a park garden full of art, water and greenery. A theater has been built on the complex that can accommodate 850 guests, who attend for cultural performances, for business events, seminars and more.


Lieke Genten
architect & interior architect | partner
Floortje Broek
designer | finishes specialist
Esther Barten
engineer | project manager
Rob Erdmann
graphic designer
Rita Martins

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Designed by innovating and thinking big. That is what the interior of AFAS Headquarters radiates on all sides. Ask us for a guided tour in Leusden.

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