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Smart layout for
spacious feel

enhanced brand strategy

increase in turnover in fresh food categories

increase in customers' perception of fresh food quality

more intuitive in-store experience

The Best in Fresh With 1,100 stores, BILLA is Austria's largest supermarket chain. Its ambition is to be the best in fresh. BILLA wanted to make its customers more aware of the quality and range of the fresh food products in its stores. For this, the products needed to be presented more effectively. But without major shop renovations and with a limited budget.
our approach
To highlight the supermarket's range of fresh vegetables, fruit and bread, we needed to literally give these products more space. This called for an entirely new store layout. Supermarkets make optimal use of the available floor space. This means that when certain product groups are rearranged, this can have enormous consequences for the entire layout of the store. So, this project was an interesting puzzle to put together. In consultation with BILLA, we reduced several product categories, which eventually led to an entirely new layout. Based on our experience in retail sectors in the Netherlands and Germany, we proposed to plan the layout of the store based on 'consumer moments', such as breakfast, lunch, snacktime and dinner. In the Netherlands and many other countries this approach has been used successfully for years, but in Austria this approach is not common practice. We also identified clusters that are clearly associated with seasonal food products (rather than having these products scattered across different product groups in the store). For convenience, a product category that is still in its infancy in Austria, we ensured the items were placed in logical places in the store.

In addition, we designed new display furniture to present the products in an attractive manner. New refrigerated display cases were also installed. Furthermore, communications were strongly reduced so as to not divert attention away from the products.

In total, six pilot projects were conducted, with positive results in terms of customer rating and turnover. Over the course of 2020, BILLA will have remodelled most of its existing supermarkets based on this design.
A smart new layout provided BILLA with more space for fresh products, which helped boost sales.
A smart new layout provided BILLA with more space for fresh products, which helped boost sales.
A multi-layered in-store communication plan was implemented.
A multi-layered in-store communication plan was implemented.


Hans Preeker
managing partner | consultant
Sander Bos
managing partner | consultant

visit this place?

As far as we're concerned, there's nothing better than a snowy Austrian winter. But, of course, BILLA didn't have to twist our arms to visit Austria during another season. But that's a different matter, back to BILLA! BILLA is a prime example of how a more intuitive store layout can significantly increase sales and communicate brand essence more effectively. We will be glad to elaborate on location.

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