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Sligro is the leading supplier for food professionals in the Netherlands, serving customers from 50 self-service wholesale stores and eight delivery centres. Sligro's mission is to make tasty, good and honest food accessible to all Dutch food professionals and their customers. Sligro asked us to translate this mission to a concept for its self-service wholesaler stores, in order to strengthen its positioning as best partner for food professionals.

Sligro Food Group encompasses food service businesses in the Netherlands and Belgium, offering a full range of food and food-related products and services in the food and beverages wholesale market. The group includes supermarket chain EMTÉ and the Sligro wholesale stores. Sligro has 50 wholesale stores in the Netherlands.
our approach
Food experience and quality was enhanced
Traditional wholesale markets such as Marché de Rungis in Paris, with their variety and wealth of products and knowledgeable staff, were the starting point for Sligro's new concept. On the one hand, the wholesale feeling was maintained, especially where the functional product groups are concerned. On the other, the food experience and quality was enhanced by adding new merchandise concepts.
The central role of staff as food professionals adds quality and service to the wholesale concept.
The central role of staff as food professionals adds quality and service to the wholesale concept.
Open ceiling and concrete floor
The large hall with open ceiling and concrete floor is the basis for Sligro's new design concept. Lines on the floor subtly guide the customer past the various product groups. To highlight important sections, such as the fresh product groups, a pattern was added to the floor for additional visual interest.
Fresh product groups in the fresh hall
For the functional product groups in Sligro's warehouse (e.g. soft drinks, cleaning products etc.) tall shelving units with catchy signs enhance the wholesale feeling and accompanying discounts. The fresh product groups meat, fish and poultry are located in the fresh hall. Each product group is presented in a functional yet attractive way to highlight the richness of the products. Expert staff providing customers with individual attention, advice and support play an important role in the new concept. The use of stainless steel, white tiles and strong, simple logos ensures attention is drawn to the products and allows for the craftsmanship to stand out.
Highlighting the unique and distinctive product range
We developed new design concepts for product range groups such as wine, cheese, cold cuts, coffee, spices and nuts to give these groups a distinct character. Within these sections, which are mainly self-service, we created places to highlight the unique and distinctive product range. Here, too, staff were given a platform to interact with customers and share their knowledge. The materials used in these sections, such as wood and steel, complement the product groups and add warmth and style.
The in-store communication builds on the visual identity developed by Fred Kramer of Vuurland Creative Consultancy, which contributes effectively to the concept in terms of tone of voice and design.


Hans Preeker
managing partner | consultant
Stefan van der Weele
interior architect

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