Beter Bed launches new 'city store' in Mall of the Netherlands

Beter Bed opened its first city store concept in The Mall of the Netherlands in mid-September. Claessens Erdmann developed this new concept and interior design together with Beter Bed...
The citystore is dedicated to visitors who live and store in the city and want to be inspired in the field of sleeping and the bedroom.

Beter Bed City is a small accessible store formula, in which the products and service usually presented and sold on more than 1,000 square meters have been reduced to the essence of just 128 square meters. Back to the basics for Beter Bed means providing customers with 'everything one needs for a good night'. In addition to the best advice on beds and mattresses, the city store also inspires in terms of ambience and comfort in the bedroom.

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Beter Bed and the city
Beter Bed City Store
For most people, choosing a bed and mattress is a demanding task and a big investment. Using innovative (omnichannel) tools, Beter Bed simplifies this choice. For instance, the new city store has a "Beter slapen ID": by taking place on a special bed, a personal 'measurement' is taken of you and it is then determined which mattress and bed suit you best. In the store, you can test various mattress options to suit your personal preferences. You can then either order directly online or be directed to a larger store where you can view more options. You can take your personal "better sleeping passport" with you, which means that you can also receive direct customization at other locations.

In addition to this personal service, the city store also focuses on the bedroom experience. You can be inspired by ever-changing setups, and a wide range of materials and colors for bed and bed textiles. That makes this a store not to visit once every 10 years but rather to return to regularly to be inspired by the latest sleep trends.

The Citystore inspires the visitor. Better sleep, better life comes from morning and night. You experience these in the store in a subtle way. You experience the feeling of night and morning through the use of color, material and dynamic light that adapts during your visit.

Beter Bed currently has 84 stores in the Netherlands, including 80 boulevard stores, 3 outlet stores and now 1 Beter Bed Experience.
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