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"During my journey through Mongolia I realized that less belongings and less space can create more space".

The "great place" of designer Judith Everaarts was featured.
The nomad families in Mongolia travel through the steppe with their livestock and are always looking for the best piece of pasture land for the animals. They have no schedule and no deadlines. They live in one place until they decide to move on.
Many of them are still nomads and migrate from region to region according to the needs of their herds or according to the season. The ger (yurt in Russian) plays an important role in this. The ger is a round, felt nomad tent that is used as a mobile residence. Within an hour, a Mongol family can tear down and rebuild their ger. This allows them to remain very flexible and to respond to the needs of the moment and the season.
This principle is also characteristic of the Urban Nomads: they leave their living space and belongings behind and only travel with a laptop and mobile phone. They open documents online and maintain contacts via Social Media. Nomad is therefore characterized by the lack of permanent residence and residence and the lack of large possessions. However, he or she is completely self-sufficient.

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