REWE Ready Rostock ist da!

The 10th installment of REWE's Smart Store concept and the second REWE Ready Smart Automat, has opened its doors at the IONITY fast charging park in Rostock, Germany. With the innovative smart store solutions REWE/Lekkerland further extends the unmanned convenience of immediate consumption to locations like charging parks.
Shopping at the REWE Ready Smart Automat is both intuitive and speedy: customers simply choose their desired items on a touchscreen and make cashless payments. The selected products are then automatically delivered from the secure storage area to the consumers via a conveyor belt.

This achievement is the result of a great partnership and creative collaboration, showcasing our extensive professional experience in pioneering retail design. REWE/Lekkerland remains dedicated to meet the ever-changing expectations of end consumers, and our primary goal is to assist our clients with great design solutions.

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A safe space for consumers on the move
REWE Smart Stores
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