From office to 'clubhouse' for Europe's best employer

That which AFAS does with software for other organizations, we also wanted to realize for AFAS with the concept and interior for their new state-of-the-art officebuilding in Leusden. We created an AFAS world from a new vision of working. With only 20% of the total area dedicated to workstations and no less than 80% for meeting, relaxation and inspiration, including sports facilities and a large theater.

The starting point was the culture of the organization, the family feeling. It is important to AFAS that colleagues, customers and partners meet each other, that there are unexpected connections. In order to be together and do things together. There is the central open space, the atrium, for events and exhibitions. And the restaurant where guests and employees eat together. With a central stage for a small performance or to spotlight a special guest or colleague. The family nature of AFAS is reflected in the eye catcher behind the bar: the enormous metal family tree, the "Tree of Life".

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