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French Steampunk magic in Nantes

Verena Hauschke
On a huge big, wide space, a former shipyard in Nantes, you encounter fantastic animals, creatures all mechanical, metallic, heavy, moving spiders, a gigantic elephant, kolibris, caterpillars and much more… it is a magical dark, melancholic world and you are in the middle of it, in a French Steampunk magical story.
That is Les machines de l’île an artistic, touristic and cultural project, one of its kind, that our colleague Verena really enjoyed under the hot Brittany sun.
The crafmanship of metal and wood work are excellent, resulting in extraordinary mechanical works; creatures that could be out of the minds of Jules Verne and Leonardo da Vinci. Here you can find the most beautiful merry-go round!

Photo credits: own,
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