La Place in the picture

This week Restaurant La Place is opening a new location in the lively Leidsestraat in Amsterdam with a concept that will also be introduced in two other new restaurants. In Laren and Bruchem-de Lucht on the A2 highway.

Here everything is about delicious, good, and fresh food with an emphasis on taste and sensory seduction, pace, and convenience. We updated the well-known La Place logo. A 'renovation', making the logo and word brand contemporary and meaningful again. A logo that works for both restaurant and retail, on packaging and on the facade, and is suitable for multiple channels. The development of the La Place "express logo" is also an integral component of this.

As a starting point, we took the passion for food, the renewed energy, and the light-hearted joy of the brand, "the sense of food-joy". We went in search of composition and writing that radiates pleasure. In the wordmark itself and in combination with the well-known logo, the apple. The wordmark was given a sans serif, round and soft font to emphasize La Place's approachability. But it also became bolder, for a better balance with the apple and a stronger recognition from a distance. We brought the heavy colour green in the light, made it more modern, dynamic and fresh. But we also gave the logo a bit more contrast with the surroundings, so that the La Place brand really stands out in an urban as well as in a natural environment.

The result is a cheerful, bright, fresh logo in which we leave the classic French feeling of the old image behind us. A logo that is still recognizable for today's guests, which builds on the strength of La Place, but also appeals to new guests. Clearly recognizable the new La Place.

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