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A vibrant ecosystem in the city | Antwerp

Antwerp is one of Marloes' favourite cities. She visits it at least once a year. A city with a rich past, worldly influences and raw edges that continues to renew itself. Since a few years, 't Groen Kwartier has been added to her favourite spots such as Het Eilandje, Park Spoor Noord, Kloosterstraat, Kammenstraat and Dageraadplaats. Up until the 1990s, this was the site of the Military Hospital. The city of Antwerp bought the site at the beginning of this century and has since developed it into a green living and working environment with wonderful meeting places.

A real must-go in 't Groen Kwartier is PAKT, an initiative of creative entrepreneurs and city farmers, who together form a vibrant ecosystem in, on and around the roof farm and renovated warehouses. A mix of around 25 businesses have set up shop on the PAKT site. Chefs, brewers, coffee roasters, sports enthusiasts, creative and sustainable entrepreneurs. Around 100 people (roof farmers) from the neighbourhood grow their own vegetables and herbs on the roofs. These local products are used in PAKT's catering outlets, but also in many other places in Antwerp.

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