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Everybody can Sleep Better

Beter Bed believes that everyone can sleep better. They have been committed to helping you do so since 1983, with tailored advice on a suitable bed or mattress, pillow or bedding. The company has 84 stores in the Netherlands, of which 80 are Boulevard stores, 3 are Outlets and 1 is a Beter Bed Experience.

A new store concept with a new format and size will be introduced shortly: "the Better Bed Citystore." (>300m2). This will reach a more extensive target group, especially for customers who live or shop in inner-city areas, and will increase the frequency of repeat visits. Around June this year, Beter Bed will open the new Citystore in The Mall of the Netherlands. Claessens Erdmann designed the new interior design concept.

Beter Bed City is a small accessible retail formula, for which the challenge in concept development was primarily to reduce what is generally sold on over 1,000 m2 to the 128 m2 available in the Pilot Store. Back to the essence, in fact. The store embodies exactly what Beter Bed stands for, personal and professional sleep consultation. You'll be inspired by the ever-changing "bedroom" layout, the range of bed linen and the inspiration zone with materials and colors to choose from for your new bed. A good selection of brands and types of mattresses/ beds has already been made.
Omni-channel is strongly woven throughout the concept in a relevant way. The store has a "Better Sleep ID", on a special bed you will be measured as it were to determine which mattress/bed fits best.
With this data you can either go to a larger physical store of Beter Bed for that specific mattress/bed, or you can order it online, optionally directly in the store and with assistance from the staff. You therefore get your own personal "better sleep passport".

The Citystore inspires the visitor. Better sleep, better life arises from morning and night. In the store you subtly experience the feeling of night and morning, through the use of color, material and dynamic light that adapts throughout the day.
It invites the visitor to visit more often (the average visitor visits a sleep store only once every 8 years) and, unlike the Beddenreus, another format of Beter Bed, does not show a specific discount image. Now still a work in progress until June.

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