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City dynamics: Breda's bright brand store

The vibrant city of Breda, has felt the absence of a VVV since 2020. The longing for a physical place of information and welcoming is undeniable.
In the heart of Breda, the challenge is laid out — to fashion a space that resonates with everyone. An authentic, palpable information hub where Breda can take pride, showcasing its city aspirations. The Explore Breda store, together with the new online platform, forms the off- and online guide to inspire residents, visitors, students, and entrepreneurs to discover and experience Breda's traditions and novelties.

Hildegard Assies, director of Breda Marketing, explains: "In the Explore Breda Store, we welcome our guests in a Breda style and inspire them to discover new places. Breda initiatives are given a stage here to exhibit or present a contemporary activity. You can also buy unique and trendy city products. Breda's story is the inspiration. The Explore Breda Store links up with the city's vision. A city where young and old can celebrate life. With Explore Breda, more people can experience Breda in a sustainable and creative way."

The design of the Explore Breda Store is partly based on the findings of the Pop-up Info Point tested at Houtmarkt last summer. Together with the ideas of residents, visitors, students, and entrepreneurs from the city, the concept for the resulting brand store was further developed.

Hildegard says, "The Pop-up Info Point showed that there is still a need for a physical place that is more than just an inquiry point. Personal contact, surprising local products, experience, and discovery are central. The Explore Breda Store is up to date and responsive. We keep in touch with what is happening in the city and how it is developing. This ensures that visitors keep coming. Every time there is something new to discover."

The renovation of the Explore Breda Store is set to open on April 12th, 2024, in the heart of Breda, designed by Claessens Erdmann. A flexible interior concept, featuring modular elements, ensures that the space evolves to meet contemporary needs. Distinguished by the use of sustainable, locally-sourced materials, this concept serves as a visual tangible expression of the Breda brand.
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