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Historical hidden gems in Palma de Mallorca

Every time Ferran goes back to Mallorca, the island where he was born and raised, he visits the patios in the historic heart of Palma. The patios were built between the thirteenth century, starting with the arrival of the Gothic period, and the eighteenth centuries. These historic courtyards were a symbol of the social status and economic position of its residents, it being practically mandatory to have a small palace with a patio if one wanted to boast of financial well-being, as this is the first- and sometimes only – room that the visitors saw.

Wandering around, Ferran loves the different styles and uses of each one of them. The combination of interior and architecture in a space where public meets private.
An example of how they are transformed in a more modern way, with respect for history, is visible at Casal Balguer. An old private palace transformed into a public cultural centre, with a beautiful blend of old and modern architecture.

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