work in progress

A future vision for the Theresiastraat in The Hague

The Theresiastraat in The Hague's Bezuidenhout district is one of the stronger shopping districts in The Hague's main retail structure. Despite the fact that the Theresiastraat scores above average in the Retail Monitor 2017 of the city of The Hague, the first cracks, including a decline in physical quality and falling turnover, are visible.

To maintain and strengthen the market position of the Theresiastraat, the BIZ and the municipality of The Hague want to get a better picture of its positioning and future development opportunities. In doing so, we include the impact of the Corona crisis, as office staff from the area are an important group of visitors to the street.

We are developing a future vision for the street. 'De Trees in the New Reality' will be more closely attuned to the residents of Bezuidenhout, because Bezuidenhout is rejuvenating and that offers opportunities for the Theresiastraat. In the vision De Trees will soon offer 'everything for a tasty, fun and easy daily life in Bezuidenhout'. With a broader and more contemporary offer. A vision that is translated into concrete proposals for positioning, its retail services and its spatial design.

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