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German supermarket magazine Rundschau ( analyses their regularly supermarket visits in their item: "Store Checks". The results of the most recent round trip in the REWE Pilotstores in Berlin last year, confirms the high "shoppers" quality and the impressive customer experiences.

"REWE 2020" is the title of the latest store concept in one of Germany's largest supermarket chains, presented in several Pilotstores. A great and challenging task for us. After all, the best of two concepts will be rolled out in more than 6,000 stores.

Two distinct Pilot stores in the capital, two different concepts with clear intersections. Both concepts, bring "shoppers" very convincingly to the forefront. The store at the Herman Hessestraat in the district of Pankow was ours to design. Result: After almost 9 months of renovation, the number of visitors increased from 7,500 to some of around 17,000 a week.
"With a surface of 1850 m2, the space feels so much bigger than it really is" ... and "The highlight of the store is the so-called Marktplatz .. where sections flow together" and "where only the bar stools are missing for a stay-little-experience".

The publication analyses different approaches to how "ready-for-the-future" the stores are. The magazine sees strong developments at the Deli and Diairy departments. But also, for example, in the category; "Local Products". The specially designed shelving system for this product group is described as "perfect" from the customer's point of view. We have placed it in the middle of the "customer run". The numbers show a huge impulse amplifier.
Another viewpoint is that of the dairy world. The magazine is happily surprised. "Bye chaos" in the shelves, "Hello new order". It turned out to be a daily crime to find your favorite yogurt between a bunch of cartons. That's the way it is now. Our solution: clear category management and smart furniture. The result: "Mopro" (Dairy Department) has become structured and has a rich atmosphere. Rewe looks at the presented solutions from a customer's point of view. " and add to it: "No obviousness has been assumed in this store.”
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