How we returned the casino in Valkenburg to its allure

A lively atmosphere and a contemporary classic: Claessens Erdmann renovates Holland Casino Valkenburg
Holland Casino Valkenburg is unique in several areas. In addition to its fantastic location on the Cauberg (with great views of Valkenburg), this casino can count on a multifaceted audience due to its location at this three-border point.

Dutch, Belgians and Germans come here with great pleasure for a memorable evening out.
We took this unique information into account for the renovation plans of the existing interior.

We developed a new concept that gives the Casino its lively atmosphere and allure, based on the following principles:
Maintaining the existing architectural structure and making it visible and tangible again. The clear geometric shapes of the building are reflected in the visual language of the interior. The circular shapes of the building are reflected in the various elements, such as the main bar, the round bench in the restaurant and the light objects.

The Limburg country landscape inspired us for the choice of color and material.

The “round shaped” restaurant is emphasized by the shape of the bar and the striking light object above it. The kitchen has been expanded with front cooking and a new grill concept is introduced. The main bar is a real eyecatcher. Directly visible from the entrance and the game room.

The renovation of the Casino is being rolled out at various construction stages. The restaurant was taken into use at the beginning of this year (see photo). The completion of the total renovation just happened in July.

A festive reopening is soon to be planned!!!
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