Strategy, design and implementation of work environments, retail, hospitality, leisure and places where this all comes together.

we create places

By combining a deep understanding of human behaviour with creative thinking, we create places that are distinctive, effective, intuitive and meaningful. Places that aim to change the way people shop, work, eat or relax for the better.

how we work

strategically driven

We see our work as part of a greater whole and ensure all activities are orchestrated so as to contribute to achieving objectives and ambitions.

identity based

The client's brand and the identity of an organisation or area are our starting point and the leading concept throughout our work.

creatively led

At the end of the day, we are designers. Designers who create places where new ideas come to life and flourish.

what we do

We control all stages of the spatial creative process. From vision and initial concept or commercial strategy to design and implementation. Our design-and-build projects are planned and completed working closely with our partners, from the first sketch to the last screw. We do not use predefined scripts or models. Each project is a new challenge, a new opportunity to create something unique according to the needs of each client. After all, what works for one client is not guaranteed to work for another.


branding and positioning
customer journey mapping
concept and format development
target group and user analysis
schedule of requirements
vision and scenario development
master planning


interior architecture
furniture design
graphic design
in-store communication design
signage and wayfinding


project management
rollout management

who we are

Our team consists of strategic consultants, interior architects, architects, graphic designers, product designers, stylists, engineers and project managers. We believe that close cooperation based on respect and trust leads to the best results. Our motto is: we don't work for you, we work with you.

Hans Preeker

managing partner | consultant

Sander Bos

managing partner | consultant

Lieke Genten

architect & interior architect | partner

Bart van Ham

architect | project manager

Anna Dolcetta

interior architect

Floortje Broek

designer | finishes specialist

Verena Hauschke

graphic designer

Jeroen Brugman

engineer | project manager

Esther Barten

engineer | project manager

Ester van der Bilt

public relations | project manager

Marloes Sonsma

consultant | public relations

Pablo Masip


Luis Monteiro

architect | image maker

Judith Everaarts

interior architect

Wouter Hoevers

engineer | project manager

Pieter Meier


with whom we work

Claessens Erdmann has over 30 years' experience in creating great places. In the past three decades of our existence, we have amassed an impressive number of projects and clients, from small businesses and solo professionals to large organisations and household names. Both in the Netherlands and abroad. This is something that we are very proud of. We have long-term relationships with many of our clients and ensure their brands and identities are translated throughout the organisation and across all communications. From the stores to the experience centre and the headquarters of Sligro Food Group and from the AFAS offices to the AFAS Live concert hall.