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The creation of an enticing gaming and entertainment scene

Holland Casino Amsterdam West

In order to be and remain an attractive gaming and entertainment environment, Holland Casino is constantly working on creating such an environment, especially when you also consider the ever changing market.
Of course being distinctive is important and that is what we are aiming for: new forms of play, attractive design tailored to different target groups and new restaurants and bars with international style and allure.

We are constantly working for this diversified client.


The challenge of Holland Casino Amsterdam West has its own specific characteristics. A (re)construction project where the previous headquarters of KPN Telecom was located, in the landmark building 'The Ven', on the A10 West ring road. The casino has 5426 m2
Besides an iconic bar, the design of a new 'Global Food' concept, a restaurant with international style and allure, was also part of the varied task.

our answer

Thinking from the customer journey. Considering the different ways of playing and the setting that needs to be hospitable and safe. We consider the difference in dynamics throughout the day and also during the course of the week. The routing and layout are strongly determined by the different target groups and specific game formats. After all, the play must be optimally facilitated. Answers to questions such as: where do you play together, where do you want to only watch the game, and where do you want to play individually, are relevant. Different game types require different environments in colour, materials and light.

new bar and restaurant with international style

you are invited to play, dine and stay


An attractive and innovative Holland Casino branch that invites you to play, dine and stay. A high and bright space embraces the centrepiece of the casino; the organically shaped central gold-colored bar. The mezzanine is divided by a walkway, partly made of glass. Futureproof was the idea. And an enormous step forward in the modernization of Holland casino.

nice to know

The new casino is the fourteenth branch of Holland casino in the Netherlands. Amsterdam Sloterdijk was the location chosen because this district will be entirely developed for living, working, tourism and entertainment. The casino is open 24/7 since January 2018.

photography: Luis Monteiro

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