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How do you build on success?



The Dutch discounter Action, one of the most successful retailers in Europe, is growing at a rapid pace. Today, the company operates more than 1,500 stores spread over eight countries. However, that's no reason for Action to rest on its laurels. Action wanted to add more identity and emotion to its stores while maintaining, or better yet strengthening, its discounter image. A new store that embodies Action's deep-rooted brand values. 'More than you expect, for less than you expected.’


an increase in customers and turnover with the same retail floor space
stronger Action brand essence
customer make purchases in more product categories








1.200 m2

our approach

regularly return to the stores looking for bargains and surprising products. But shoppers also come back for regular items that they can buy at Action at a low price. These products should be easy to find in the store. Therefore, it was important to strike the right balance between 'browsing' and 'finding'. More than anything, consumers want an enjoyable shopping experience. This requires a crisp, clear store design where customers feel at ease and find what they are looking for.

The layout and routing of the new store design promote 'browsing' as well as 'finding'. We implemented a multi-layered in-store communication, assigning a bright colour to each layer. White for theme products, blue for wayfinding and orange for promotional products (Action's signature colours). The basic shell of the stores was kept as neutral as possible. The logo's diagonal lines were used to section off the store space, creating a sense of security.

Action delivers on its pay-off of 'Small prices, big smile' by offering customers great value for money. This principle was taken to heart in the design. We reused a lot of the store inventory and supplemented it with add-ons. We added elements to existing display racks, such as end caps with theme communications, and wayfinding signage above store displays. The display racks were painted white and new product displays enhance the discount feeling.
Visually nothing much looks different, at least to the untrained eye, but store elements and details have been given an overhaul to achieve coherence. The strategic adjustments have resulted in a pleasant store environment, which will help achieve better results for both Action and its customers.

The perfect balance has been achieved between 'browsing' and 'finding'.

The perfect balance has been achieved between

Small prices, big smiles’ is possible, by paying attention to the costs. We took that into account in the design.


Hans Preeker

managing partner | consultant

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