The Dura Vermeer Inspiration Centre, "de Verbinding" in the Leidse Rijn district of Utrecht was officially opened yesterday, on October 13th, 2020. The new building of Railinfra and the construction and real estate division was developed from its vision; to meet, to connect, and to inspire.
This is reflected in the architecture, interior design, and layout.

"THUIS" is Dura Vermeer's spacious showroom, covering 33% of the total area of the Dura Vermeer Inspiration Centre. Buyers of homes they have developed will not only choose their new architectural expansion, kitchen, or sanitary facilities here but will also be in direct contact with the culture, atmosphere, and employees.

It is unique that Dura Vermeer, as a construction company, starts a retail store in which they can serve their customers well. They notice, that there is an enormous need to relieve them of their stress. "We are now making the step as Dura Vermeer from a house that is not completely finished to a house that is entirely ready. Claessens Erdmann provided their expertise on retail design with this totally new, innovative showroom.

The Inspiration Centre is designed as a professional, contemporary networking place where co-creation, collaboration, and learning from each other are central.


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