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Signing the Style Outlets

The outlet center will be built on the roof of a two-story car park. On the outside, the complex looks like an industrial city. The new city is built on piles, the outlet center virtually emerges from the water, a clear reference to traditional Amsterdam architecture.

In the interior world of the outlet center, the contemporary industrial concept is continued. The signing is also in line with the industrial character of the plan. Claessens Erdmann developed the visual identity and the translation into 3D elements in the markings. The signage at the level of navigating, directing, informing and inspiring (such as the façade signage and retail signage) was designed specifically for the Style Outlets Amsterdam.

The architects of Common Affairs were responsible for the design of the outlet center. Claessens Erdmann for the entire (2D) communication and the graphic language of the center.

The delivery of the Style Outlets is planned for the autumn of 2020.

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