New signing in Jan Linders Supermarkets

In Gennep, Limburg, where the very first Jan Linders store started 55 years ago, now a renewed formula is presented with an emphasis on fresh and local products, high quality customer service and benefit. Not only the client is very happy with the result! In more than 60 supermarkets this clear communication concept will soon be visible.

The characteristic Jan Linders group is in every respect a real family owned business and is strongly connected to the south part of the Netherlands. Since 2015 they introduced a new formula based on their competence of fresh produce and knowledge of the region.

This expertise formed the basis for the new signing in the store. Knowledge of, and creativity with products is shared exuberantly with the customer. A feast of clear word and image statements that clearly shows that "Jan Linders knows how the South eats and celebrates life" JOIE DE VIVRE.

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