Holland Casino future proof!

In order to be and remain an attractive gaming and entertainment environment, Holland Casino is constantly working on creating such an environment, especially when you also consider the ever changing market.

Of course being distinctive is important and that is what we are aiming for: new forms of play, attractive design tailored to different target groups and new restaurants and bars with international style and allure. (We are so proud to contribute to this.)

We are constantly working for this diversified client. Recently a brand-new casino has emerged in Amsterdam West in the former KPN headquarters and Holland Casino Valkenburg has been rigorously redesigned. Both have just been grandly opened.

High end at the highway
We are currently working on the casinos in Groningen and Utrecht. Two new casinos. Groningen is a "pop-up casino" to replace the casino that burned down last year. We are working at a high pace on this temporary location, so this year it can be opened. The temporary character has its own preconditions, but the allure that goes with the casino will certainly be visible soon. The new Utrecht will soon appear from the A12 motorway. For this project we are partnering with the international design and architecture firm Gensler. In cooperation we are developing a very special new casino.

Made for millenials
It's not just the big casino projects we're working on for Holland Casino. Last year, for example, the new High Limit Area in Amsterdam Center was born, an exclusive high-end separate playing area. New bars, changes to entrance areas, innovations within the game environment are sub-projects we are working on. For example, the "Experience Zone" created especially for millenials in the current Utrecht location. And we had the privilege of helping to advise in the selection of architects for the new Holland Casino Venlo building.

Difference in dynamics
Each project has its own specific characteristics. New construction or renovation, thinking from the guests 'customer journey', the way of playing. Environments that are hospitable and safe, the difference in dynamics throughout the day and in the course of the week. Routing and layout are strongly determined by the different target groups and specific game forms, after all, the game must be optimally facilitated. But also where do you play together, where do you play individually, where do you want to watch. Different game offers require different environments in colour, material and light.
Overall, we are working on a recognizable, vibrant Holland Casino.
Exciting and challenging design specifications.

In this way we contribute to the only true casino!

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