Target group analysis

A target group analysis gives you a ton of information about your current and potential customers.  Insight in the market for your product or service is incredibly important for ensuring the highest possible customer satisfaction. Claessens Erdmann would like to help you out by conducting an extensive target group analysis so that together we create unique and meaningful spaces for your customers.

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A target group analysis forms the basis of growing your company

Claessens Erdmann, a creative studio based in Amsterdam, has a lot of experience with carrying out various tasks, such as the target group analysis, that are focused on getting insight in your current and potential clients. This analysis is very important, because if no such research is carried out before the marketing concept development, the idea might never reach your target audience. Therefore it’s very important that you have insight in, for example, the tone of voice that speaks to them. This way you are more like to reach the audience you want to attract.

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