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If you are looking for an agency with a lot of experience in retail design and retail strategy based in Amsterdam, then look no further. At Claessens Erdmann we see every request as a way to show you our creativity and to create something inspiring. We are not only nationally, but also internationally based. The specialists from our agency in Amsterdam are happy to help you with retail strategy or design.

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A retail strategy for your company in Amsterdam or elsewhere

But what is a retail strategy? A retail strategy for your company in Amsterdam or elsewhere includes all the different elements of the traditional marketing mix that exists of the four P’s, which are:

  • Product. As a retailer, the products you buy from producers and wholesalers have to attract your target group.
  • Price. As a retailer, you set a price that values the product as well as the whole shopping experience.
  • Promote. As a retailer, you promote everything you offer, which includes your products, their pricing, the complete shopping experience and your brand.
  • Place. You make sure you create the right environment for your target market.

And this last P, the Place, is where we step in. With over thirty years of creating unique spaces for various companies, our retail design agency in Amsterdam carries out different analyses. For example, we perform a target group analysis so that we have insight in the wishes and needs of your target customers. Based on this outcome, our retail design agency in Amsterdam will start developing the fitting space and instore communication design for your target group.

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Besides creating the perfect space for your customers, we also offer office or workspace design. With this service we create an inspiring environment for your employees. If you have any questions about our company or projects, you can reach us by calling +31 20 428 00 00 or by sending an email to