Architecture designers with a clear vision

We are an interior architecture agency with a great team of enthusiastic consultants, graphic designers, engineers and, of course, architects. Based in Amsterdam, the capital city of the Netherlands, Claessens Erdmann creates the perfect interior for each company. Whether it is a store, restaurant, workplace or brand experience. We combine a vast understanding of human behaviour with imaginative thinking. By combining branding and positioning strategies with interior architecture design and graphic design we create branded places that aim to change the way people shop, work, eat or relax for the better. Just beautiful is not the benchmark. Our goal is to create places that are distinctive, effective, intuitive and meaningful.

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Specialists in branded environments
Nationally and internationally orientated
Tailor-made project approach

Our architecture designers map out the perfect space for your company

At our architecture agency, every project kicks off with strategy. We start with tools like branding, positioning and customer journey mapping. Our team carries out various analysis, such as a target group and user analysis. When we have established the strategy, our team pick up the baton and start the interior architecture design process. This involves full interior design including furniture design, lighting, signage and wayfinding, graphic design and in-store communication design if needed. The final step includes engineering, arranging the permits, calculation, supervision, and project and rollout management.

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We create spaces with a specific goal

As architecture designers, we do not randomly design an inspiring office, store or other space. There are a lot of questions involved. What is the importance of the space for visitors and users? In other words, how can we make it relevant and personal and that it has value for the customer or visitor? Or must the place solve a problem and contribute to other objectives? When we have decided what is going to be the best fit for your task, as architecture designers we will start the design process.

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With more than thirty years of experience we offer bespoke solutions and are national- and international-orientated. Would you like to know what our architecture agency could do for you? Do not hesitate to contact us. The enthusiastic employees of our architecture agency will gladly help you out. To reach us, call +31 20 428 00 00 or send an email to