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Queen Maxima opens new Headquarters Afas

Her Majesty Queen Máxima this morning opened the new headquarters of AFAS Software, where only twenty percent is dedicated to workspace. The remaining area focuses on welcoming and inspiring guests and includes a theatre, several auditoriums and sports facilities. Our Claessens Erdmann team proudly signed for the design and interior of the giant building in Leusden.
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We are looking for an engineer

You are a structural engineer with several years (3-6) of experience within interior architecture. You can effortlessly bring a VO to working drawings. You are strong and proactive in contributing your own ideas and solutions and you are passionate about design and can work well independently. Of course you are up to date with the latest developments in our field. Mastering the programs Autocad and Sketchup are a must. Send us your CV and (concise) portfolio of your best work to ester@c-e.design or feel free to contact her if you have any questions.
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Seamless flow from dune to hall

The landmark Duinhal in Almere Duin has been completed. Today, the first tenant, supermarket Plus Retail, will open its doors to the public in the new building on the central Duinplein in the heart of Almere's Duin district. The Duinhal will further accommodate a fusion of 7000m2 of hospitality and retail. Claessens Erdmann was commissioned with the concept and architecture up to and including the preliminary design of the unusual building that seems to completely merge and seamlessly flows into the dune landscape.
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From yellow ATMs to white bank branches

Last week, the Dutch newspaper Volkskrant reported that the coronavirus crisis is forcing banks to close even more branches and banks such as ING and Rabobank are planning to reduce branch numbers quickly. Many of the bank offices that were temporarily closed due to COVID-19 restrictions won't resume operations.

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Design for the interim normal

Over the past few weeks, we have posted photographs by colleague and photographer Judith based on the theme 'retail and hospitality in coronavirus times'. The photos explore how retail and hospitality are dealing with the measures to contain the spread of coronavirus and, in particular, how they are communicated and implemented. The photo series showed some fun and inspiring solutions, but also more than that.

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Isn't it time to rethink and reform the concept of shopping streets?

We develop concepts for, among other things, shopping streets. This is a big part of what we do. However, sometimes we visit places where people seem to cling to idea of the archetypal shopping street. The idea of a shopping street as a place for leisure, where you can stroll from shop to shop looking for a new outfit, stop for a coffee or snatch up a gift.

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Different, not less

The editors of Nieuwsuur have recently made a tour of the largest corporate employers in the Netherlands. It appears that more than half of the companies foresee a decrease in the need for office space. After Covid, the expectation is that we will continue to work from home more often. Before Covid, employees visited the office for an average of four or five days. After the pandemic, this is anticipated to be about two to three days. The rest of the week employees work at home or, for example, at a client's location. The companies surveyed, including Capgemini Group, AEGON Netherlands, and consultancy firm Arcadis, expect a reduction in the demand for office space of 20% to 50% as a result.

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