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'If Van Gogh had lived now, this would have been his atelier'

Van Gogh Museum Bookshop

The Van Gogh Museum is a knowledge and information center, and its aim is to make Vincent's work accessible to the widest possible audience. The bookstore offers a wide range of titles from the latest children's books to academic reference works on art history in general and on the life and work of Vincent van Gogh in particular.


Design a new bookstore on the third floor of the Van Gogh Museum. The museum's aim was twofold. One: to continue the inspiration and experience gained in the museum in the new space, and two: to show that the store, which has a great deal of expertise in the field of Van Gogh and his contemporaries, can increase the revenue.

continuing the inspiration and experience gained in the museum in the new space

'If Van Gogh had lived today, this would have been his atelier'

our answer

If Van Gogh had lived today, this would have been his atelier'.
The store has become a bright space with lots of daylight. A window has even been added - a subtle reference to Van Gogh's obsession with the bright French light. The contrast with the level of light in the rest of the museum is great here.
Each product in the bookstore tells a story about Van Gogh and honors his legacy. Sketches and elements from Van Gogh's work also serve as a stage for the presentations of the books and other products. We abstracted 'The Van Gogh Studio: works that Van Gogh painted' and also designed a number of pieces of furniture. The bedside table from the work: 'The Bedroom' from 1888, for example, was used as presentation furniture or the typical French chair from the same painting as a place to rest, browse and read. This work was also the inspiration for the use of colour in the shop.
The eye-catcher is at the back of the shop: a large framed window overlooking the Museumplein. Van Gogh writes: 'You know, there are three windows in the atelier. They give too much light. Even if I close them. I have long thoughts about how to improve them.’
Visitors of the bookstore can be active artists themselves. A painter's easel invites you to try pencils and pens yourself. The Van Gogh Museum's bookstore offers inspiration, expertise and authenticity in Vincent's letters and books about him and his contemporaries.


By applying the retail laws, we have made the accessibility of the shop more easy (concerning optimal layout and routing, we have broadened the entrance and improved visibility). We succeeded in creating a design that will enable the museum to have a fabulous bookshop and the expected growth in turnover will be substantial.

nice to know

The new bookstore will follow the Museumplein shop that we opened earlier for the Van Gogh Museum.
We worked with a great partner Hypsos on this project who was responsible for the implementation.

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