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A sensible supermarket. Dein Markt.

REWE Supermarkets

REWE Group is a listed organization with retail- and tourism business in Europe. The REWE Group consists of REWE Supermarkets and also the Billy and Penny Supermarkets and drugstore chain Bipa. With 3.300 stores REWE is the second supermarket chain in Germany.


Develop a new supermarket format that matches REWE's ambition for the next five years and translate it to pilot stores in Hannover, Bielefeld and Berlin.

our answer

REWE is perceived as functional and cold by its customers. In order to improve this feeling while maintaining the 'shopability', we developed the concept: 'Experience the REWE world of food'. We went for a total make-over.

We developed a new layout in which the fresh departments fruit and vegetables, meat, fish and cheese were brought together in the heart of the store. Creating a feeling of freshness throughout the store, in routing and sight lines and from the start to the end of the shopping trip. A bakery café with direct consumption has been located in the entrance area as a transition between the street and the fresh market inside.

Special merchandising concepts were developed for distinctive food assortment groups such as champagne, oil & vinegar and the REWE Regional assortment. As connecting elements between the fresh market and the store.
For the new furniture and communication fixtures, we worked with REWE's regular suppliers as much as possible. By the use of original materials we hit on the emotional experience of REWE's world of food: real, pure and fresh.

Finally, through a modular approach of the assortment every store is scalable to its local context, because in the end it is all about the customer's needs.

fresh departments were brought together in the heart of the store


With this formula, we rediscover the foody atmosphere of a traditional fresh market in a contemporary supermarket. This is Dein Markt.

nice to know

We managed to better the concept with each pilot-store, three in total, until the finished result was as good as it was ever going to be. When in Berlin, pay a visit to the newest store at the Hermann-Hesse-Strasse and experience it yourself.

every store is scalable to its local context

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