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Ace & Tate Haarlem

designs quality frames at a fair price. They don’t do “cookie-cutter”. All the frames are thoughtfully designed from scratch by their in-house Amsterdam-based team and are handmade.


Find Haarlem’s local touch and make it the underlying force of the store’s interior design.

where art and science come together

experiencing the printing press process in the third dimension

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Haarlem is a city where, historically speaking, art and science came together. The invention of the printing press, attributed to Laurens Janszoon Coster, is a great example of it. Despite the controversy where the title is disputed between Laurens and the German Johann Gutenberg, the fact is that this legend served the printers of Haarlem well, and is probably the reason why most notable Dutch history books from the Dutch Golden Age period were published in Haarlem.

The technique used to print full-color images is referred to as four-color-process. Four inks are used: three primary colors plus black. These ink colors, abbreviated as CMYK, are cyan, magenta, yellow and key (black). Where two such inks overlap on the paper due to sequential printing impressions, a secondary color is perceived.

The printing press and its technique is the conceptual inspiration and leading principle for the design of this store.


For the design of Ace & Tate Haarlem store, the printing press process is brought forward by means of oversized ‘graphic bands’ of color, wrapping up the whole space and store fittings. The CMYK colors are re-interpreted and translated to fit the Ace & Tate brand image. As these graphic bands of color overlap, either on opaque or translucent materials, new colors emerge – it’s like experiencing the printing press process in the third dimension.

nice to know

Ace & Tate believes that a good design isn’t just about looking good, it’s about seeing clearly too. They’re not just for show, and that’s what we have in common.
Quality materials are central to everything they do, so that they named the company after the cellulose acetate from which frames are formed.

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