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We are a strategic spatial design agency. Combining people, space and design, that’s what we do.


As users and visitors. In the end that’s who we really work for. We are captivated by how people eat, travel, work, shop or relax. These seemingly ordinary activities and the way they occur in physical space is what drives us to do what we do: enhancing people’s lives.


Our work is spatial. The result can be a building, an interior, an object or even just a poster. We see them as physical touchpoints of a customer journey and take that as starting point for our design in order to create meaningful places.


We are strategic designers. A group of creative people that provides insight, strategy and design to ambitious ventures. We see design as an instrument enabling our clients to reach their goals.

spatial design

Spatial design is about the design of human environments. The study of how people move and interact in the spaces in which they live in and the design of strategies to improve these environments or to influence their behaviour. Spatial design covers a variety of scales we all thrive in: from stool to shopping centres.

strategic design

Sometimes you don't have a clear view of your question or idea. You only might have a first thought, a problem or task. We'll help you with that. Think before you do. Before the market does. Before another one does. Let's sit, talk, research and craft your vision, format or real estate strategy and eventually your design brief.

customer experience

We believe as well that businesses should not seek to compete only on price, but instead seek to attract customers by providing value and positive experiences. Our work is part of this experience. We give your brand, service and product a physical presence in the customer experience.

physical touchpoint

We see our work as a physical touchpoint in your customers journey. To create the best en most relevant physical touchpoints we are always aware of the whole customer journey with all its touchpoints. Online and offline. Where offline, online and new technologies come together we create and integrate them.

graphic design

When giving brands and organisations a physical presence, communication is key. Brand design, packaging, instore communication, signing and wayfinding or the graphic design of an exhibition: communication is everywhere. We see graphic and spatial design very closely linked and inseparable from each other in our line of work. We thrive in integral projects.


We have more than 30 years of experience with quite an impressive range of assignments and clients in creating great places. From one-off till international roll-out. During these years we developed an upper hand in retail & food retail, hospitality, leisure and places where they come together like shopping and experience centres.


We control all stages of a spatial creative process. From the initial concept or (commercial) strategy to its design and implementation. Together with our partners we deliver design & build concepts, we are there from the first scratch till the last stone. But most important: we don’t use fixed scripts or models for all of this. We deliver according to every project’s or client’s needs. Because what works for one client does not work for another.


We are based in Amsterdam. Our work is international. Lots of our clients are international companies based in the Netherlands and international companies abroad. Currently we are working with food retailers like Rewe Group in Germany and Austria. And for retailers like Nike in several European countries and Game (part of Wallmart) in South Africa. So we get to travel a lot. It keeps our mind open, travelling inspires.


Our work is an instrument to realize your goals. This does not mean we work for you, we work together with you. We believe that an environment of mutual understanding, respect and trust, leads to the best results. If you have existing partners or specialists, bring them along so we can add them to the project team.