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Design for an 'Inter-Normal'?

In the past weeks we posted a photo report on Instagram by colleague and photographer Judith titled 'retail and hospitality in times of Corona'. It highlighted how retailers and the hospitality industry are dealing with the corona measures, and especially how they communicate and design them. We showed some fun and inspiring solutions, but the series included much more.

From March on the government regulations followed each other up quickly, so action had to be taken promptly and with the means at hand. And as it turns out, entrepreneurs came up with plenty of solutions. Some of them more effective than others; with often the colours red and white come back, and tones are sometimes harsh, but all with the best intentions. Directing human behaviour is not rocket science as it turns out. It mainly requires observation, asking yourself questions and thinking logically.

We now find ourselves in an intermediate phase. 'A phase in which we have to make the transition to the 1.5-metre society,' says prime minister Rutte. A stage of slow reduction of the measures and, according to many, the New Normal. Which I hope will never happen, because I am not ready yet for the idea that we have to live in a world that is fully equipped to slow down the spread of viruses.

Over the past few weeks it has become more than clear that human habits are persistent and take time to change. This requires time and tools. Let's use this 'inter' stage to pay a little more attention to those tools. A little less on prohibition, but in a positive way (because that works better). The right message on the right place and simply fitting in with your brand identity, format or organizational identity. In colour, design and above all tone of voice. This makes it more appealing for your customer and better for your brand.
And through all this, we think about how it can be most effective, and perhaps come up with great ideas for the New Normal or just for later, when it's all over again.

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